ABA Staffing/Labor Member Offerings


AZCR Staffing

Naidu Vos


What We Do: AZCR Staffing is committed to excellence in providing residential & commercial contractors with the very best employees to suit their building needs. With a multi-lingual candidate pool of over 300, AZCR delivers exactly what the client needs at the moment the need arises. Our candidates are highly skilled tradespeople and laborers and meet all necessary training & orientation requirements. Clerical & Administrative , Facilities Management, Construction Tradesmen, Green Energy.


HireQuest Direct

Paul M Ringlaben

(520) 887-0961, (720) 331-5240

What We Do: We are a locally owned/operated on demand labor resource supporting the greater Tucson area and Southern Arizona Business Community and helping to put “Tucson to work!”


SitePro Solutions

Brandon Lampert


What We Do: SitePro Solutions is a nationwide provider of electrical, telecommunications, engineering and construction staffing solutions. We specialize in large-scale projects to staff the booming commercial, data center, industrial, education facilities and big-box retail construction markets.


Structure Resources LLC

Chad Sorrick

Office:(480) 999-0129  Cell:(480) 221-2511

What We Do:  Provide efficient structure for client partners through a tailored approach delivering Total Talent Solutions.  Structure Resources is designed to be laser focused to positively impact productivity, profitability, and overall talent management.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ABA MEMBER:  Please contact Chad Sorrick to discuss partnering opportunities!


TI LOGO2 Afffiliate pageTradesmen International LLC

Eric Cereske

Office:(480)736-2533  Cell:(480)284-9073

What We Do: Tradesmen International is the nation’s premier supplier of a highly skilled variable workforce to contractors both on commercial and industrial job sites including the mining and oil/gas industries. In addition, we provide our clients with personalized service and attention through an account management team that treats you and your company like you want and deserve to be treated.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ABA MEMBER: Contact Eric Cereske for more information on how we can offer special ABA member reduced rates.


X3 Tradesmen

Dan Ellis

Office:(623)562-3393  Cell:(602)607-6589

What We Do: At the center of X3 is a super tuned recruiting team. This team does more than just review applications. X3 gets to know all of our Talent/Tradesmen to find out what their strengths, weaknesses and personal goals are. By establishing this type of partnership, X3 is able to place workers on job sites that best reflect their individual strengths. We also offer Xtension Services to both our clients and talent. These services are benefits to creating better partnerships and lives for all.

Contact us today to discuss a better way to POWER your goals.