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Barker Contracting, Inc.

Contact: Brian Barker Work 2127 E. Speedway Blvd., #101 Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 323-3831 Work Fax: (520) 323-3834 Website: www.barkerone.com
Categories: Construction Management, General Contractor

Cornerstone Electrical Contractors

Contact: Alan Bieberstein Work 2201 E. 21st St. Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 733-6250 Work Fax: (520) 733-6933 Website: www.cornerstoneelectricaz.com
Categories: Electrical

DPR Construction (Tucson)

Contact: Lourdes Zuniga Work 3100 N. Campbell Avenue, Suite 102 Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 355-8247 Work Fax: (602) 808-8843 Cell Phone: (480) 268-0625 Website: www.dpr.com
Categories: BIM, Construction Management, Design - Build Contractor, General Contractor, LEED, Net Zero / LEED, Tenant Improvement

We Exist to Build Great Things.® It’s really that simple. We are a company of builders building great projects, great teams, great relationships, great value.

Our purpose and core values are a starting point that help clearly define who we are and what we stand for as a company. They underlie the passion that drives us to be better and different; they allow us the freedoms of our entrepreneurial organization, where people can make a difference with their ideas and hard work.



Core Values

DPR’s fundamental, inviolable values and beliefs:

    We conduct all business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness; we can be trusted.
    We believe work should be fun and intrinsically satisfying; if we are not enjoying ourselves, we are doing something wrong.
    We must be different from and more progressive than all other construction companies; we stand for something.
    We believe in continual self-initiated change, improvement, learning and the advancement of standards for their own sake.


To be one of the most admired companies by the year 2030.

Vivid Descriptions

Over the next 30 years our people practices will be recognized as being as progressive and influential as Hewlett Packard’s were over the last 50 years.

When it comes to quality and innovation, we will do for the Construction Industry what Toyota did for the Auto Industry.

We will have created a brand image that is as positive and consistent as Disney’s.

Like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, our people and company will be known for being aggressive and “Bullet Smart.”

We will be as integral and indispensable to the communities we operate in as are The Boys and Girls Clubs and The Red Cross.

We will consistently produce truly great results and financial returns comparable to the Most Admired Companies.

The DPR Code

The DPR Code

Integrity has always been a part of DPR Construction’s core ideology. Our commitment to the highest standards of honesty and fairness is further defined in The DPR Code. We are pleased to share DPR’s Code of Conduct with our customers and business partners as we continue to build a great reputation for honoring commitments—doing what is right for employees, customers and the industry

Epstein Construction, LLC

Contact: Mike Epstein Work 870 S. Campbell Avenue Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 806-4000 Work Fax: (520) 806-4004 Website: www.epsteinbuild.com
Categories: General Contractor

Mulholland Art & Design Commercial Interiors

Contact: Susan Mulholland Work 1525 E. Lind Rd Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 327-2437 Work Fax: (520) 628-9855 Website: www.madciaz.com
Categories: Interior Design

Patriot 3 General Contractors

Contact: Rick Smith Work 245 S. Plumer Avenue, Suite 25 Tucson AZ 85719 USA Work Phone: (520) 622-2884 Work Fax: (520) 647-8250 Cell Phone: (520) 591-8174 Website: Patriot 3 General Contractors
Categories: General Contractor

Patriot 3 General Contractors is proud to be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). This designation enables us to expand our opportunities in the Federal construction market place, as well as help the VA to achieve its procurement goals. Patriot 3’s core philosophy is all about communication, coordination, and cooperation. Our strong commitment to accountability is a key factor in our ability to meet and exceed our clients’  expectations. By working in both the private and public/Federal industry sectors, Patriot 3 has a diverse background in all types of commercial construction. We understand our clients’needs and objectives, we hire the best people, and we take ownership of each and every construction project we are involved in.

RC Lurie Co., Inc.

Contact: Pete Rust, Sr. & Mario Gregory Work 1122 N. 7th St. Phoenix AZ 85006 Work 1024 S. Plumer Avenue Tucson AZ 85719 USA Work Phone: (602) 258-2400 Work Phone: (520) 647-2700 Work Fax: (520) 623-0702 Website: www.rclurie.com
Categories: Controls, Lighting

Founded in 1960 by Robert C. Lurie, the RC Lurie Company (RCL) is a full-service manufacturer’s representative for lighting and controls products and services across the state of Arizona. We are one of only two agencies to have represented Lithonia Lighting (now Acuity Brands) since the company began utilizing outside representatives. Today, RCL represents a wide range of other manufacturers, giving us the ability to meet the product needs of even the most demanding designs.

RCL boasts the most experienced staff of lighting professionals in the market, including 11 associates with the prestigious Lighting Certified (LC) accreditation. As a 100% employee-owned company, we value our client relationships above all else, and we are fully engaged and dedicated to making each of our customers’ projects a success. With offices in Phoenix and Tucson, we serve all aspects of the commercial and industrial lighting and controls sector, specializing in Healthcare, Education, Commercial Office, Hazardous/Rated Environment, and Institutional subcategories.


Contact: Jonathan Goodman Work 2127 E. 14th Street Tucson AZ 85719 USA Work Phone: (520) 209-1930 Work Fax: (520) 844-7100 Website: SCBS, LLC
Categories: Asbestos Abatement, Lead Abatement, Mold, Restoration

SCBS, LLC is a locally owned and operated Contracting firm based in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in Infection Control Solutions for Hospitals and other public facilities. SCBS also offers Real Estate Development solutions and Environmental Contracting solutions in Southern Arizona. We pride ourselves in our commitment to safety and professionalism in our Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation and Lead Abatement projects. Our team is comprised of 20+ individuals who have completed development and contracting projects for Government Entities and clients in the Commercial and Residential sectors in Arizona for over 30 years. We currently have working relationships with the City of Tucson, Pima County and the State of Arizona. We have also have successfully completed projects for the Department of Defense. SCBS, LLC is prepared and has the ability to provide professional services for any size project.

Shirleys Plan Service

Contact: Christopher Fields Work 425 S Plumer Ave. Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 791-7436 Work Fax: (520) 882-9208 Website: www.shirleysplanservice.com
Categories: Business Services, Plan Rooms, Publisher

Solar Gain Inc.

Contact: Roman Black Work 702 E. 17th St. Tucson AZ 85719 USA Work Phone: (520) 730-3649 Work Fax: (520) 448-0725 Website: Solar Gain Inc.
Categories: Solar

Quality Solar Panel Systems

Solar Gain Inc. designs and installs high quality solar photovoltaic (P.V.) systems for both residential and commercial clients.

We use the best available products, with the strongest warranties, to offer increased output and reliability with decreased maintenance and operation cost. We use our expertise in all aspects of the solar industry to deliver our customers the right system for their specific needs at the lowest possible cost. We improve our customers’ bottom line through targeted application of renewable energy.

Our Services

Solar Gain Inc. has the expertise, experience and holistic knowledge of the solar industry needed to provide our customers with everything they need to integrate solar in their home or business. Our goal is not only to design and install quality solar panels, but also to give each client a tailored system with the lowest cost of ownership over that system’s lifetime. Solar energy is about more than panels, and Solar Gain offers a suite of services which reflect that belief.

Beyond design and installation, Solar Gain has developed strong relationships in the financial sector. We ensure you receive the maximum available incentives across local, state and federal levels—including utility rebates, tax grants & credits and depreciation. We also collaborate with your financial institution to help choose the appropriate financing plan with the best terms, whether you are looking for traditional bank financing or one of our specialized loan programs. Additionally, we perform detailed analyses to provide the highest rate of return on your renewable investment.

Money Savings

Solar Gain uses the best products available to bring you increased output and reliability with decreased maintenance and operation costs. This means you get the overall lowest cost of ownership for the lifetime of your system. And we have partnered with some of the biggest companies in the solar industry to bring you the strongest warranties.

Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Contact: Derek D. Koller Work 355 S. Euclid #107 Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 770-1789 Work Fax: (520) 792-2539 Website: www.terracon.com
Categories: Engineering

About Terracon

Corporate Responsibility

Terracon’s Commitment to Sustainability

Using the earth’s resources at a rate in which they are naturally replenished, while not compromising the ability of future generations to use them, has become known as sustainability. By focusing on the concepts of reduce, reuse, and recycle, Terracon is committed to achieving sustainable business practices while at the same time providing our clients with sustainable, cost-effective environmental and geotechnical solutions.

Terracon’s commitment to sustainable business practices both internally and externally is illustrated by the following:

  • We incorporate waste minimization and energy efficiency practices into our day-to-day operations.
  • We work closely with clients to provide them with solutions that incorporate sustainable design and principles into their deliverables.
  • We educate and encourage our employees to respect the environment and contribute to sustainability at work, at home and in the communities in which they live.

The employee-owners of Terracon are committed to doing their part to protect and prolong the limited resources that the planet has provided us with.

Wilson Electric Services Corporation

Contact: Rene Aguirre Work 2020 E. Beverly Drive Tucson AZ 85719 Work Phone: (520) 792-3138 Website: www.wilsonelectric.net
Categories: Design - Build Contractor, Electrical, Solar, Tenant Improvement