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Advanced Controls Corporation

Contact: Chris Tober Work 626 W. Flores Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 620-6656 Work Fax: (520) 620-6676 Website: advancedcontrols.net
Categories: Controls, HVAC

Border Construction Specialties

Contact: Jim Horn Work 3143 N. Freeway Industrial Loop Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 623-4100 Work Fax: (520) 623-9513 Website: www.bordercorp.com
Categories: Concrete, Masonry, Safety Consultation, Safety Training

Building Excellence, LLC

Contact: Evie Metcalf Work 1860 W. Price St. Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 219-6993 Work Fax: (520) 219-8452 Website: www.buildingexcellence-llc.com
Categories: Construction Management, General Contractor


Contact: Chris Stoltz Work 3755 N. Business Center Drive Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 744-3222 Work Fax: (520) 579-5606 Website: www.calportland.com/
Categories: Concrete, Construction Supplier

Climatec, LLC

Contact: Bruce Allred Work 3895 N. Business Center Drive, Suite 185 Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 571-7200 Work Fax: 602.674.1279 Website: www.climatec.com
Categories: Building Automation Contractors, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection, Security

Copperstate Bolt & Nut Company

Contact: Leon Punt Work 3162 N. Freeway Industrial Loop Drive Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 882-0611 Work Fax: (520) 882-0692 Website: Copperstate Bolt & Nut Company
Categories: Construction Supplier, Manufacturing / Service / Engineering

HireQuest Direct of Tucson & Southern Arizona

Contact: Paul Ringlaben Work 901 W. Prince Road Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 887-0961 Work Fax: (520) 887-2975 Website: HireQuest Direct of Tucson & Southern Arizona
Categories: Staffing/Labor

IFS Flooring, LLC

Contact: Glen Musser Work 1870 W. Prince, #17 Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: 520-888-2211 Work Fax: 520-888-3026 Website: www.azifs.com
Categories: Flooring

Kappcon General Contractors

Contact: Nathan Kappler Work 4847 W. Daisy Dawn Place, Suite 101 Tucson AZ 85705 USA Work Phone: 520-292-2225 Work Fax: 520-292-2227 Website: www.kappcon.com
Categories: General Contractor

We are a mud on the boots, covered in sawdust, down in the ditch, contractor that can solve your construction problems!

At Kappcon, we strive to build honest relationships with diverse Institutional Customers that allow us to use our experience, expertise, and creativity to solve problems, produce quality construction, and drive results that become long-lasting and profitable professional partnerships.

Kittle Design & Construction

Contact: Marta Tollerup Work 2539 N. Balboa Ave. #125 Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 299-0404 Work Fax: (520) 299-0477 Website: www.kittlearizona.com
Categories: Commercial Contractor, Design - Build Contractor, Tenant Improvement

Kustom (formerly Abracadabra Restoration)

Business Development Manager Contact: Barbara Camacho Work 4814 N. Shamrock Place Tucson AZ 85705 USA Work Phone: (520) 323-3261 / (877)-378-3737 Cell Phone: (520) 310-0570 Work Fax: (520) 888-0616 Website: www.Kustom.us/Tucson
Categories: Disaster Recovery, Fire Damage, Mold, Restoration, Water Damage

With over 37 years of professional water and fire damage restoration experience, Abracadabra Restoration has developed the most efficient and professional system of residential and commercial emergency water, fire, and mold damage restoration services available.

No one is ever really prepared for an emergency. But, it’s a good idea to know who to call if you have one. Of course, most people know to call 911 for medical emergencies. But, who do you call when there is 3” of water in your house, or to board up broken windows and cover holes in the roof after the fire department has left? And, what if it’s after hours or even in the middle of the night?

Don’t worry…call Abracadabra Restoration. With 24-hour emergency services and our state of the art board-up & water damage response vehicles, Abracadabra Restoration is ready to help in unexpected moments like these. We’ll handle your emergency needs plus take immediate steps to prevent further damage. And when the emergency passes, our experienced professionals have the skills to restore your damaged property.

So, don’t wait. Call Abracadabra Restoration today. From prompt emergency service to complete repairs, a single call makes all the difference.

Remember, with Abracadabra… ONE CALL DOES IT ALL!


Parsons Steel Erectors, Inc.

Contact: Joe Parsons Work 4580 N. Highway Drive Tucson AZ 85705 USA Work Phone: (520) 887-6207 Work Fax: (520) 292-2636 Cell Phone: (520) 444-0990 Website: Parsons Steel Erectors, Inc.
Categories: Metal Framing, Steel, Structural Steel Erection

Parsons Steel Erectors, Inc. was founded in Tucson in 1972 by Charlie Parsons as a structural steel erection company serving local fabricators. In 1983, Charlie and his son Joe Parsons, along with Tom Glenn, expanded the company by adding a steel fabrication shop, making Parsons Steel a full-service structural steel company with the ability to both fabricate and erect structural steel.

We regularly complete all types of structural steel projects such as healthcare facilities, theaters, hotels, retail centers, office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities, and wastewater treatment plants. We specialize in uniquely challenging projects where we can provide value engineering and design assistance services to make possible what others may say is impossible. Our skilled and highly qualified employees give us the unique ability to pre-plan each project, in turn benefitting overall project schedules and budgets. We also offer the capability of working on fast-track schedules with 7-day a week schedules and/or multiple crews.

To date, Parsons Steel has successfully completed nearly 5,000 projects. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, we complete projects throughout the Southwestern US as well as worldwide ranging in size from $5,000 to $10 million.  We work with both Owners and General Contractors on projects as small as a few steel plates to entire building infrastructures for multi-story buildings.

Penhall Company-Division 27

Contact: Michael Smith Work 4847 N. Daisy Dawn Place #125 Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 744-0225 Work Fax: (520) 797-6765 Website: www.penhall.com
Categories: Demolition, Equipment

Reproductions, Inc

Contact: Russ Blankenship Work 234 E 6th St Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 622-7747 Work Fax: (520) 884-5059 Website: www.reproductionsinc.com
Categories: Business Services, Printing, Signage

Tucson Commercial Carpet, Inc.

Contact: Gary Roberts Work 107 W. Flores St. Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 884-7002 Work Fax: (520) 884-5065 Website: www.tucsoncommercialcarpet.com
Categories: Flooring

Western States Fire Protection Co.

Contact: Leonard VanAusdle Work 3150 N. Freeway Industrial Loop Tucson AZ 85705 Work Phone: (520) 579-0859 Work Fax: (520) 303-9283 Website: Western States Fire Protection Co.
Categories: Fire, Fire Alarm, Fire Protection

Western States Fire Protection

A Full Service Fire Protection Company

Western States Fire Protection Co. (WSFP) is a fire protection company that delivers quality fire protection systems and solutions. We protect lives and property while providing an exceptional value to our customers. This is accomplished by the focus and delivery of the WSFP values: integrity, commitment, professionalism, quality, and safety.

Our Mission

Quality solutions for the protection of lives and property, providing an exceptional value to our customers.

Western States Fire Protection Co. originated with two offices in 1985, Denver, CO, and St. Paul, MN. By 1987, the company expanded to 125 employees and added offices in Los Angeles. In 1989, WSFP became a subsidiary of APi Group, Inc. Over the next 20 years, WSFP continued making strategic acquisitions including:

  • 1994 – Prairie Fire (Rapid City)
  • 1994 – National Fire Suppression (Kansas City and St. Louis)
  • 1996 – Statewide Fire Protection (Las Vegas)
  • 1998 – Universal Fire Protection (Denver and Dallas)
  • 2005 – Fire Protection Services (Missoula)
  • The list continues… 30 locations and counting

Our Values

Integrity | You can trust us to be people of integrity. We’ll do the right thing even if it hurts. We build trust by producing quality and excellence. No one worries that we won’t deliver the highest quality. We build trust by our commitment. Everyone knows that we will keep our word. We build trust through our professionalism. Our team is recognized by customers, our competitors, and our sister companies as the most professional in the industry. We build trust by our commitment to safety. After all, we’re dedicated to protecting lives and property.

Quality | Quality drawings, quality solutions, quality ideas, the quality people we hire, and quality jobs we produce.

Safety | Our employees work in a safe and drug-free environment where they can go home at the end of the day the same way they came to work that morning. It’s a simple and straightforward value, but it’s very important to us.

Professionalism | It is exemplified in the way we treat our customers and peers and conduct business… give what you expect to receive!

Commitment | Commitment to the company, your branch, your job, sticking out the tough times; to us it means stepping up and being willing to give 120% whenever asked.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • National Fire Sprinkler Association
  • General Service Administration (GSA)
  • Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS)
  • International Facility Management Association
  • LEED® | U.S. Green Building Council

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire protection needs. As your fire protection contractor, we will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific applications. Please feel free to contact us about your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs. We will provide a no-obligation consultation, survey or solution.