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Obtain your “CPC” credential through the ABA!


CPC certification is perceived as the equivalent of an architect or engineer professional designation. Recent government and state contracting entities confirmed their intention to move toward a professional certification process for their construction and contract managers.  The intent is to require key members of the selected construction company’s project staff to be CPC certified.

As a leader in the country, ABA was originally selected as one of three test sites for the CPC exam. ABA members studied, tested and gained individual professional certification right here at our chapter and got ahead of the “certification curve.” Our program was SO successful that it is now the model for the country. Prep class attendance factored significantly into ABA members achieving the following outstanding results:

ABA Pass Rate 11% better than the national pass rate

ABA Passing Score10 points higher than the national mean

Who: Both general contractor and specialty contractors

What are the qualifying requirements for the Certified Professional Constructor Exam?

  •      Obtained 4 years of Qualifying Experience since earning the AC Credential and 2 years must have been managing the execution of Construction work.


  •      8 years of Qualifying Experience and/ or Education and 2 years must have been managing the execution of Construction work.


Individual Benefits:

Enhanced professional image to employer, clients, and the public

Marketable credentials set you apart

Nationally recognized industry certification

 Company Benefits:

Independent assessment of employee skills and knowledge

Improves marketability to clients

Required Continuing Professional Development ensures on-going employee improvement



David Jones David T. Jones

Action COACH Business Coaching

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, Dave Jones has experience as a Project Manager, Preconstruction Manager, Estimator, Business Analyst, and Civil Designer.  He has taught the CPC Preparation Courses for many years for ABA Members and is prepared to help you succeed on the exam.




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